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11/7/14 | Next Avenue
7 Smart Year-End Tax Moves to Prepare for 2015

10/24/14 | MainStreet
How to Spend Your Money in Retirement the Intelligent Way

8/25/14 | MainStreet
Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners and Self-Employed

6/6/14 | Fox Business
Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage: DOMA a Year Later

Financial Questions to Settle Before You Get Married

5/24/14 | Huffington Post
Make Sure You Have These Money Talks Before Saying 'I Do'
Article highlighting eight important financial topics couples should discuss prior to walking down the aisle.

4/30/14 | Next Avenue
What Pre-Retirees Should Be Asking About Taxes
Article breaks down Holly’s retirement bucket strategy with the consideration of tax treatment, and stresses the importance of having the right balance when planning for retirement. 

4/16/14 | US News & World Report
The Biggest Financial Issues for Same-Sex Couples
Holly Kylen suggests same-sex couples consider options when filing taxes and establishing retirement savings plans.

4/4/14 | The New York Times
Going Back to School, Without the Pressure
Holly is quoted advising retirees who wish to move into specialized communities to plan early. Her target age is as early as 50, noting it is the age when people are best able to focus financially.

3/24/14 | Reuters
How to Swoop in and Manage Your Parents' Finances
Article advises strategies to employ when it is necessary to manage an elderly parent’s personal finances. Holly is quoted recommending to get several copies of a power of attorney document in order to smoothen the transition when taking over parent accounts.


12/13/13 | Bankrate
Take a Retirement Test Drive
Article acknowledges that women may wait too late to start preparing for retirement, and Holly provides tips for how to get ahold of finances sooner rather than later.

11/13/13 | Forbes
The ‘4 Boxes’ Approach to Helping Elderly Parents
Holly guest authors a piece recommending tips to help elderly parents get organized with regards to estate planning.

10/7/13 | CNBC
Create Financial and Legal Plans to Manage Alzheimer's
Article comments on the conflicts Alzheimer’s can impose on an individual’s well-being, and advises how loved ones can work to protect the financial best interests of someone suffering from the disease.

9/9/13 | Chicago Tribune
Tax Tips for Same-Sex Marriages
Holly is featured along with other financial experts providing suggestions to help protect the assets of same-sex couples. 

8/5/13 | Financial Advisor
Advisors Helping More Clients Raising Grandchildren
More and more grandparents are responsible for supporting grandparents, and consequently pushing off their retirements. Holly is quoted as the article highlights considerations grandparents should take when placed in this situation.

7/1/13 | Money Under 30
Retirement Saving: From $0 to $1 Million on $30,000 a Year
Holly provides five early steps adults can follow on the track to becoming a millionaire by retirement.

6/26/13 | Forbes
New Financial Planning Essentials for Same-Sex Couples
Following the overturn of DOMA, Holly provides various tips same-sex couples can follow to protect their assets and spousal benefits into retirement.

6/20/13 | Expert Beacon
Expert Advice on Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners
Holly guest-authors a piece providing dos and don’ts for individuals developing long-term savings strategies while growing a small business. Tips include exploring various plan options as well as not touching retirement money. 

6/3/13 | Suddenly Frugal
College Graduation Advice: Be Smart With Your Money
Holly is featured on an article articulating financial tips for recent college graduates, such as maintaining a budget, following the 80/20 savings rule, and saving for retirement as soon as possible.

5/31/13 | Marketplace
Alfred E. Neuman Might Need to Worry – About Social Security
Article states how adults in the baby boomer demographic and approaching retirement age should be focused on having their financial houses in order as well as saving more towards retirement.

5/23/15 | Next Avenue
Taxes 2012: Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners
The article highlights Holly’s breakdown of options for retirement savings plans, and how to determine which may suit an individual’s best interests as a small business owner. 

2/3/13 | The Wall Street Journal 
Before You Retire, Try Rehearsing
Many people are concerned with how to establish what they’ll need to retire. Holly is featured recommending that couples “play” with different income scenarios to get a better idea of what they will need.

1/7/13 | Bankrate
More Flexible Customized Term Life Insurance
The article introduces customized term life insurance plans, and contains a quote from Holly stating that a customized plan can reduce costs in certain cases.


11/20/12 | The Wall Street Journal
Voices: Holly Kylen: Planning for Non-Traditional Couples
Holly authors a post about creating a marriage certificate for non-traditional couples. She emphasizes the need to be open-minded in such cases, as well as the importance of knowing state regulations, particularly with same-sex couples.

4/26/12 | Benefitspro
Even financial advisors need coaches
Article discusses how employers do not spend time informing employees about retirement planning, and mentions Holly’s approach of viewing client needs from an emotional perspective.