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Holly Kylén

Holly Kylén

President and Founder

Holly Kylén began her practice in 1986. As a financial advisor, she tailors financial products to help develop sound retirement and pension plans for individuals and companies. Holly focuses on helping employers design defined contribution programs that help employees realize the necessity of retirement planning and that empowering them to actively participate in their employer's plan. With individual clients, Holly takes time to evaluate and understand her client's short-term and long-term needs to create effective financial planning strategies.

Holly is registered with Series 7, 63 and 65 registrations. She has also completed the Life Underwriter Training Counsel Fellowship and is licensed in Life, Accident and Health Insurance.

"As a financial planner I was amazed at how many individuals would come into my office, hand me their 401k enrollment booklet and ask, "What should I do?" At their company's open enrollment meeting, all they were told was to either go thorough the booklet or visit the web site. Often, they couldn't understand half of the information they received.

I realized that my advisors and I needed to reach out to the employers that really wanted to help their employees plan and save properly for their future retirement. That we needed to work with those businesses and their owners to develop open enrollment meetings that would educate their employees on their benefits - meetings that would explain in plain English the realities of saving for retirement. Informing these employees on the ins and outs of their 401(k) plans would help motivate them to map their path towards creating a successful retirement and they then would fully appreciate the benefits their employer was giving them."