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Investing In Your Future


What Does Investment Management Involve

Investment management can include many services. The goal of investment management is to manage your assets for you and maximize your investment returns. Our independent financial advisors can create a customized investment portfolio that aligns with the goals of your financial plan. We use a dedicated investment analytics philosophy for our ongoing management of your assets.

When you work with our fiduciaries, we can select investments from a broad range of mutual funds, ETS, stocks, bonds, and other financial products. We’ll select appropriate financial vehicles and products that are aligned with your personal financial goals, and we’ll always prioritize your best interests. Our firm also offers value-based investment portfolios, ensuring you don’t have to compromise your values to meet your financial goals.

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Why Is Investment Management Important

If you want to pursue your financial goals, it’s important to prioritize financial planning and work with a wealth management specialist who can guide you on the path to success. Our financial planners know how important it is to get your personal finances in order and start on the path to optimizing your wealth. It’s not just about having personal savings to get you through the rainy days, but about saving for a prosperous future.

When you combine retirement planning with investment management, you get to benefit from reduced taxes and the expertise our financial advisors provide. Our investment advisors will buy and sell assets on your behalf, select appropriate investments for your goals, manage your portfolio, and track and analyze your investment returns. A managed portfolio gives you peace of mind around your finances.

Why Investment Management Is Part of Comprehensive Financial Planning

We want you to know that you don’t ever have to make financial decisions alone. Our financial advisors are here to help you with all your financial planning needs. You still have to prioritize your finances, but you’re never alone in making decisions about your investment portfolio. 

Our financial team can help you select investment portfolios that align with your values. Value-based investing includes considering the impact of a company on the environment, the community, and their workforce. You don’t have to compromise your integrity to build a portfolio that helps you reach your financial goals, whether that’s a prosperous retirement, a sailboat, or a luxury vacation home.

Investment Management Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tax-Efficient Investing?

Taxes are a major expense, which is why our financial specialists always consider the tax implications of our investment decisions. Tax efficient investing might include using tax-deferred investment accounts to save for retirement. It can also mean using Roth accounts to provide tax-free income during retirement. 

What Is Socially Responsible Investing?

Socially responsible investing means investing in businesses that have a positive social impact and good social values. It could mean investing in a business that’s using clean technology or engaging in social justice while rejecting companies that sell addictive substances. Socially responsible investing doesn’t mean you don’t care about making money. As your investment advisors, we still evaluate socially responsible companies for their profit potential before investing in them. 

Do I Need an Investment Manager?

You don’t have to work with an investment manager to save for retirement. However, if you’re serious about creating a prosperous future, we definitely recommend working with our financial experts. There’s no need to find all the answers on your own. It all starts with financial planning for individuals, but if you’re an entrepreneur, you may also need financial planning for businesses. 

What Should I Invest In?

Which investment products are right for you depends on your financial situation, goals, timelines, and risk tolerance. We use a dedicated investment analytics philosophy to select optimal assets for your portfolio. We also consider the tax implications of your investments to make sure you’re not paying more in taxes than you need to. Call us to set up a consultation where we can discuss your investment options.

Reach out to Our Investment Advisors

It’s time to get serious about investing in your future. We’re happy to review your current investment portfolio and make recommendations customized for your situation. We can help you with everything from tax planning to estate planning. Contact our team at Kylen Financials, Inc. for all your investment needs.